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Thanksgiving and Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is our most favorite holiday. The time together with family, the copious amounts of food, and the opportunity to take a step back to relax for a few days is wonderful. The word thanksgiving formed by the two words thanks and giving is at the heart of this holiday for me. It is a day to reflect and take a moment to be thankful, to give thanks, and appreciate the people and things in our life that make it special.

This year has certainly been a test on our own personal resilience and a time when families have been faced with new challenges. With the pandemic, loss of life, economic hardships, elections and all the other compounding elements of the past year it has certainly been a tumultuous time.

Set some time aside to give thanks and be thankful. I am thankful for my husband and the family that has enveloped me. I feel incredibly lucky to be a grandpa to our first grandson. I am thankful for the friends that remain close to my heart where one phone call or text conversation connects us like no time has waned between our last tête-à-tête. In our daily lives, it is so easy to give thanks and say thank you to the people you interact with at the store, at work, or even online. Thanksgiving may be my most favorite holiday but it is also a mindset that guides my daily life.

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1 Comment

Dec 11, 2020

Love your thoughts on Thanksgiving, and wish you and Marc a blessed holiday in beautiful Michigan! As crazy about you both as ever - Ann & Mary

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