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From the 'hoods to the woods

Greetings and welcome to Mannsiding Cove! I’m a classically French-trained chef, husband, parent, grandparent and all around bon vivant. I’ve lived on the east coast my entire life, growing up in New Jersey, then to Boston for college and then New York City for the past decade. I’m a city guy through and through; restaurants, fashion, theater, and subways were my forté... but now I am living in rural Michigan on a lake surrounded by acres and acres of red pines and native forest. 

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Springtime at the lake

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Apologies for the lapse...

Apologies for my lapse in writing, my motivation and inspiration to weave a story has been hard to pin down. So much has transpired last year and throughout this current one that it has been dizzying and time continues to run at a faster pace than I can even comprehend these days.


I started a new role in 2022 as a Development Director for a nonprofit called the Real Organic Project. The organization’s mission is to promote organic farmers with a national certification program and add-on organic label to distinguish crops grown in healthy soils and livestock raised on well-managed pasture.


The Real Organic Project’s add-on label was born out of the necessity to address weaknesses in the overall USDA's National  Organic Program. I am thrilled to work with such a solid organization, I encourage you to learn more about the work we do to raise awareness and support for hard working farmers. We have a saying, “if you ate today, please thank a farmer!” and no truer words could be expressed.


And, I encourage anyone reading this – as a Chef and as an individual who loves food – please don’t skimp on what you feed your body. Eat “real” food, buy “real” food and serve “real” food. Make the effort, go to farm stands, meet the farmers, ask them if they are organic. Small incremental changes – like the butterfly effect – will produce gradual but profound changes moving forward in our very fractured and corporate controlled food system.


I’ve got a treasure trove of stories I’d like to share, and I promise I will find the time to get them online. Thanks for your patience and encouragement along the way!

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