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About me


I’m a classically-trained chef, husband, parent, grandparent and all around bon vivant. I’ve lived on the east coast my entire life, growing up in New Jersey, then to Boston for college and then New York City for 14 incredible years. I’m a city guy through and through; restaurants, fashion, theater, and an urban life were my forté... but now I am living in rural Michigan on a lake surrounded by acres and acres of red pines and native forest.   

We made the move from our Brooklyn neighborhood to our lake house in the woods. After living in New York City, the opportunity move to our cottage became a reality so my partner Marc and I started to plot our 'escape from NYC'. We left Brooklyn in late December 2019 and have loved our new rural lifestyle.

I love all things culinary and can talk for hours about food, recipes, chefs, ingredients, techniques and tradition. Growing up in a household where food was an integral part of our lives made it easy for me to develop a love for lots of different foods and cultural traditions. My food memories - from my Mom's Sunday dinners to my Dad's homemade bread - can spark stories and nostalgia to this day. 

Join me on my journey and along the way I’ll provide a mix of stories, some recipes, musings on food, plus highlights of travel and restaurants. The change of seasons at the lake is always beautiful, we've built a new home here outfitted with a kitchen to help us create unforgettable memories and meals for our family and friends.

Grab a fork and let's go! 

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