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O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

OK, here’s a confession…I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Christmas holiday. For many years, this time of year left me a sense of sadness instead of what I was supposed to feel based on the hype driven by retailers and the media. And then there’s the music, it’s sometimes so maudlin and forlorn filled with lyrics pining for a loved one that won’t make it for the holidays. I figured I had just grown up and the excitement for the holiday was just meant for kids.

Meeting Marc and experiencing that first Christmas together and many after, we celebrated together with a movie and Chinese food. It was a day off from work, a day when the city always seemed oddly quiet. And then the day after Christmas seemed like such a bust. All that revving up for the holiday and forced anticipation is gone. Poof! Kind of a letdown really.

There are aspects about the holiday season that I do like – the gathering of friends and family and the special dinners. This year’s unwanted friend – thanks CoVid – has put a kibosh on many gatherings and that’s a pile of coal that keeps growing.

Now that we have a grandson, I’m looking at the holiday with fresh eyes. I see his wonderment when he looks at the tree, twinkling lights, and the sparkly ornaments. The gathering of the family this year is smaller and the meals shared will be even more special. Little George is quite a good eater too. He’s loving ham, turkey, mashed potatoes, and even beets! He has made his Chef Grandpa very happy and has ignited a twinkle in my eye.

Happy Holidays!

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