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Livin' the Lake Lifestyle 

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

We've known winter here having moved in late December and many days were spent trudging through hardpack snow and ice. Spring here was short-lived and it even snowed here in May! However, the summer here at the lake has been glorious. Warm sun-filled days have been the so consistent that weeks would go by with no rain - just blue skies and fluffy clouds.

For the past five or more years, Marc and I have been planning on building a new home here at the lake on our 5.5 acre parcel. It's been a slow and methodical process as we were living in NY and trying to accomplish and get surveys, easements, permits, utilities, and even a 'real' address for the new home and surrounding land.

The lake looks different every day, tonight we had a spectacular sunset to end the day.

We've worked with a fantastic architect, spending many hours discussing and plotting out our 'forever' home here in the woods on the lake. Now fast forward and we are at a point where our dreams on paper are becoming a reality.

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