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Iceland was more than I expected

Our trip to Iceland in late September was a journey we wanted to take for so many years.

Turning 50 was certainly a milestone and we celebrated by traveling to Iceland. A destination that was on our travel bucket list for a long time. For years, we've heard people rave about Iceland, its food and the gorgeous landscape. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to see it for ourselves!

The Icelandic language is tough, complicated, and even hard to pronounce properly in my humble opinion. The people we met spoke perfect English and it was never an issue.

Before our arrival, we booked the Golden Circle Tour with Pink Iceland - a LGTBQ owned and operated tour group located right in Reykjavik. On the second day of our trip we met our tour guide, Sigrún, who by the end of the daytime tour was an amazing confidant and more of a friend.

I can't begin to convey the ruggedly beautiful landscape we saw on our tour. Add in two waterfalls, a geysir and the free roaming Icelandic horses that graze on the open fields.

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