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Glancing Back & Moving Forward

While this past year certainly provided challenges for many of our friends and families, we know everyone is looking forward to the new year and all the hope and expectations for a fresh start.

This month marks a year that we moved from the hustle of Brooklyn, NYC to live full-time in Michigan. Happily, every season at the lake is special and beautiful in its own way. From delicate wildflowers in spring to the first snowfall, we love our new rural lifestyle.

In April, we are expecting our second grandchild – a baby girl! We know George is going to be the best big brother. We have fully embraced our new role as grandparents and have been lucky to be with our family here in Michigan and many visits to upstate New York for his first birthday, Thanksgiving and the Christmas holiday.

We broke ground on our new house in late July and have enjoyed watching our dream and the architectural plans come to life right before our eyes. We hope to be moved in by springtime and look forward to hosting guests this coming summer.

This past November, Marc’s sister Beth passed away and we’ve decided to hold a celebration of life at Windover Lake on July 3rd to ensure her memory and one-of-a-kind spirit is honored at the place she loved so much.

We truly wish you and yours the spirit of the holiday season all throughout the new year as every day is a gift regardless how it’s wrapped.

In loving memory

Beth Ann Eesley

1965 - 2020

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1 commentaire

01 janv. 2021

I know from my brother’s passing that the memory of the joys we shared in life continue in our fond remembrances. May this year bring us all solace, health and more of those precious shared experiences of laughter and joy!

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