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Falling into Autumn

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

As the month of October creeps in, I've wondered where September had gone. In the blink of an eye, it seems summer has taken flight and autumn is already at our doorstep. Mind you, fall is one of my favorite seasons. The vibrant colors of fall foliage, the brisk chilly wind that whisks off the lake, and the food of course are all welcomed additions to the season.

Looking back over the years, the month of September has always been one of beginnings, new challenges, and the time when I turn a year older. I've always said, it's a tumultuous couple of weeks for me. When I was in school, a new semester would begin in September - with it always came that feeling of anxiousness and excitement for the upcoming academic year. And, the month of September marks another year of growth with each birthday that passes. I'm a Virgo astronomically with Libra leanings. If you know anything about Virgos - they are the most critical sign in the pack. Now, mostly that critique falls heavily on my own self judgment - let's just say I am my own worst critic. It is also the time of year when the date of my mother's passing coincides. It is a month of reflection, remembering and restarts.

The older I get - hopefully I am becoming wiser - I am trying to not be so hard on myself, and realizing the 'perfection' a Virgo strives for is a fallacy. I tend to focus on the things that didn't go as planned as failures rather than trusting the path that I am on will bring me to a better destination. I need to stop falling into that trap - it's a lesson I've been trying to learn, perhaps this semester I'll get more than a passing grade.

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