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Why Michigan? I get that A LOT!

The move from New York City to rural mid-Michigan

A little background,... we often get asked, "Why Michigan?" and there's a reason. Over 11 years ago I met my partner - a look across the room and yes, it was love at first site. This new relationship (as most) adds facets to your life and the addition of a cottage on a lake in Michigan was one that I never expected. For the past decade, we've been coming to the lake house in all seasons for about a week whenever we could get away on holidays and a vacation from the crazy and fast-paced life in NYC. My partner in life, Marc, has a real connection to this land. Since the late 1930s, his family has owned this haven in the woods with lakeside views.

When those weeks at the lake would wind down and we would have to pack up a nagging question would always come up – do we have to leave?

Our cottage on the lake offers a get-away from it all. With five acres of woods, wildlife and lakeside living - it is a beautiful respite. As our stays at the lake progressed and that nagging question kept creeping up into our conversations we decided that we would ultimately build a new house on the property. It would be our forever home, a place where our family could come and memories could be made for future generations.

Now we have the opportunity to make that dream a reality!

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